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How to change axes values?

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sam plant
sam plant on 11 Dec 2018
Commented: KSSV on 12 Dec 2018
I have plotted a matrix using the imagesc function with the x and y axis being the points of the matrix (1-50)
however the positions of the matrix are based on corresponding v0 (velocity) and theta (angle) values for a projectile.
How can i change the axis from matrix positions to corresponding v0 and theta values?
Is there a function for changing x and y axis values?


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KSSV on 11 Dec 2018
Read about pcolor. USe pcolor. Or else you may use image and specify the positions.


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KSSV on 11 Dec 2018
Read about set..somethink like below work:
But it is suggested to use pcolor if you have (x,y).
sam plant
sam plant on 11 Dec 2018
The problem I have with pcolor is the grid that appears, the example picture has used image sc as I have to specify a number of pixels, pcolor makes the image too blocky however the set(reverse) works on pcolor but doesn't work on imagesc.
KSSV on 12 Dec 2018
X = rand(10) ;

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