Variable access error in Matlab

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roni zidane
roni zidane on 7 Jan 2019
Hi there,
I never used to have this error message, when i tried to access varible workspace. Since start of this year, i am having the following error, while i "double click and open" (access) variables from workspace.
Does any one have a solution? I am running scripts in 2016b.
Suzan Doornwaard
Suzan Doornwaard on 9 Feb 2020
Hi Walter,
Thanks for the reply. Your suggestion lead to a discovery and eventually I got rid of the issue.
This is what I did:
1) I ran the command you suggested
which -all workspacefunc
and that gave the exact same error I posted above.
2) I re-open my Matlab and I received all sorts of error regarding that has the same name with Matlab's own functions (assert, scalar) and it points out the add-on I am using in the toolbox directory of mine.
3) Funny enough, I deleted the folder but I realized I didn't remove the path to those in Matlab's path. I thought I would receive an error that would say something like "The toolbox you have in path doesn't exist anymore" for such situations but apparently not.
4) Then i simply removed those particular toolbox related paths from the Path. I restarted my Matlab and I didn't have any errors.
5) I ran the functions that I received error and I double clicked the variables this time. No error. So I realize it's simply clashing functions but for some reason the error is not specific enough to point that out or I am not experienced enough with Matlab yet. At least that's what I experienced.
I hope that helps others with the same problem.

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Answers (1)

magie on 29 Nov 2019
Edited: magie on 29 Nov 2019
I have the same problem and it appeared out of the blue.
Whenever I double-click on workspace variables or sometimes even when I place the cursor into the command window or in the editor. Sometimes the error message appears when I open Matlab.
I have version 2019b. I work with it for about 2 months now - no problems until yesterday. I never experienced this error and I have been working with version 2014a for a while now.
I didn't change my codes, I do not have any shadow functions. I tried restoring default path, I even re-installed Matlab after fully de-installing the old version.
Nothing helped so far.
If you have any suggestions, thanks in advance.


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