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FFT and wiener2

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roni zidane
roni zidane le 18 Fév 2019
Hi All,
Please ignore my dumbness. I have a single slice gray image. I wan to try wiener2 filter to keep the information and denoise it a bit. I tried the following code but i get the figure ifft_orig as final image instead of a bit blurred version of original image. Can some one tell me what am i doing wrong?
tmp = load('Slc1.mat'); % figure (orig_img.png) corresponds to this variable
tmp1 = fft2(tmp);
tmp2 = fftshift(log(1+abs(tmp1))); % figure (fft_orig.png) corresponds to this variable
[tmp4,noise] = wiener2(tmp2); % figure (filtered_fft_orig.png)
% figure (fft_orig - filtered _fft_orig.png)
tmp4 = ifftshift(tmp4);
tmp4 = ifft2(tmp4); % figure(ifft_orig.png)

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