how to find average signal from different excel sheets?

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I have 100 excell sheets each with a 500 sample signal V clocked to time t.
How to find the average signal (V) using all 100 excell sheets aas we can import only one data set at a time.

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Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 25 Feb 2019
You can load and save the data with a for loop and then average afterwards. Alternatively, if you really want you can maintain a running average within a for loop again.
% First method
for i = 1:100
data(:,:,i) = xlsread('myfile.xlsx',i);
V_ave = mean(data);
% Second method
V_ave = [];
for i = 1:100
data = xlsread('myfile.xlsx',i);
V_ave = (V_ave*(i-1)+mean(data))/i;
Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 25 Feb 2019
The sample I gave will read 100 sheets of a single excel document. If you don't want that then you need to adjust the excel document name:
data(:,:,i) = xlsread(['myfile_',num2str(i),'.xlsx']);
Either way, the xlsread command is kind of a one off thing. Each time you call the command you can open one file to one sheet and reed in the data. If you want more sheets, or more files, you need to call the command each time.
Pretty much any load command works in a similar fashion within MATLAB, so while it might be worth calling the ActXServer to speed the process, you're still going to need to loop the loading command, as far as I know. (The ActXServer is a functionality within MATLAB which allows you to open Excel within MATLAB, which may save you time because you do not need to open and close Excel each time you load a file, like you do with the xlsread command.)

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