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Connect fully connected layer to a convolution layer?

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Kittel Le
Kittel Le le 11 Mar 2019
When building a CNN network for image reconstruction with fully connected layer followed by convolution layers, I found that the output of fully connected layer is always a vector. If I want fully connected layer to be followed by a 2D convolution layer, is there any intermediate layer to reshape the data transferred in between two layers, either on output of fully connected layer or input of convolution layers?

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Uttiya Ghosh
Uttiya Ghosh le 18 Juin 2020
Hi Kittel,
From my understanding, you want to introduce a reshape layer between your fully connected layer and 2D convolution layer. There is no reshape layer in MATLAB. As a workaround you can always create a custom layer.
For more information, refer to the following links.


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