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How to fit same variance of data to another data ?

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MUKESH KUMAR le 12 Mar 2019
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I have two data sets of energy consumption for full day with 30min(data size 48*1) and 1 min(data size 1440*1) time interval of different days.
Now I want to make 30min time interval data in the form of 1min(data size 1440*1) time interval for full day, assuming that the same variation is hppened in load curve pattern both days. Which data statistic method to be applied for this calculation and how to implement it in matlab ?

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KSSV le 12 Mar 2019
Probablu you need to interpolate the about interp1
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MUKESH KUMAR le 12 Mar 2019
Modifié(e) : MUKESH KUMAR le 12 Mar 2019
No , I want to do non linear with same pattern/variation of another data set, like using curve fitting.

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