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Comparison of arrays of double

Asked by Guido Pastore on 14 Mar 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Guido Pastore on 14 Mar 2019
Given two arrays of double. I have already calculated the standard deviation, the mean and the variance of both. I would like to make a comparison. Is it possible to do a vector support of these arrays ?? Or do you recommend me anything else?


madhan ravi
on 14 Mar 2019
What type of comparison do you want to do ?, please illustrate.
Could you be a bit more specific with regards to comparision. All I can think is to comapre using if statement and display the text you require
I'm working on a motion capture project that uses two cameras (Kinect VS Intel). I have data (saved in double arrays) that indicate the coordinates of the joints of a subject's skeleton from two different cameras. For example, XYZ coordinates of an individual's right shoulder. Now I want to compare the XYZ coordinates of the right shoulder coming from the Kinect and the XYZ coordinates of the right shoulder from Intel. I have already calculated average standard deviation and variance of each array. The comparison serves to indicate the variability between the two acquisitions.
I hope I was as comprehensive as possible

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