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Fuzzy Based MPPT Development

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Pemendra Kumar Pardhi
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi on 15 Mar 2019
Dear sir/madam,
I want to devoloped Fuzzy logic based mppt, after devoloping the rulse, here two input and one output, this is working perfactaly when its output is open but whenever output duty cycle is connected with pulse generator block some error is come out which is fallows,
Due to some optimizations, Simulink may not be able to highlight the section of the loop containing 'pno_mppt/Control/Converter Control/Fuzzy Logic Controller/FIS Wizard/DelE/PB'
Component: Simulink | Category: Block warning
Input data dependency violation due to action subsystems. See Subsystem Examples in the Simulink library for valid and invalid examples of action subsystems
Component: Simulink | Category: Model error
nput ports (Action) of 'pno_mppt/Control/Converter Control/Fuzzy Logic Controller/FIS Wizard/Defuzzification1/Action: One' are involved in the loop
please let me how i can debgs this problem.
Pemendra Pardhi


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