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What is the best way to save data into a txt file

Asked by will99
on 21 Mar 2019
Latest activity Commented on by will99
on 22 Mar 2019
I have these data in a matrix and I want to save them into a txt file
but I got diffrenet values than what in my matrix it was something like this (in that format)
I used save fuction to try and save my data I want to save is there another way to save data into txt file?
save('new doc.txt','M','-ascii','-double','-tabs') % M is the matrix
type('new doc.txt')
6540601141.61867 13577823444.2938 28101317825.1798
7569519373.48601 15264346993.3944 30754547025.5567
7387340146.18493 15158865708.5425 31019062144.9410
6251317371.90850 12958424682.6582 26803084252.4354
6734644847.83862 13687649437.8130 27810201085.8812
6849537690.44554 14134553528.2659 29089340966.3231
7385568328.07828 15044694671.3799 30591374573.0212
6381280737.62946 12989993198.7250 26448459532.9256


on 21 Mar 2019
Show us what
disp M
gives for the same M. I've never seen save not write the correct data; I'd be willing to bet that is what was in M.
There are any number of ways to write text files; if you have need for a given format, then fprintf is your basic choice; the other, simpler ways make assumptions about precision and format to save you the trouble.
I was trying to save it in txt file is fprintf the best way for txt format?

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1 Answer

Answer by madhan ravi
on 22 Mar 2019
 Accepted Answer

If your using 2019a you may try the newly introduced writematrix().

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Thank you I have Matlab 2018b but I will update it and try the new function

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