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Display the output in a Edit Field Text box in App-Designer

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for instance ,
[h,p,ci,stats] = ttest2(x,y)
The above outputs, need to be displayed in a text box . (app designer )
Any help will be apprecited. Thanks in advance .

Accepted Answer

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 1 Apr 2019
Text fields only works for h and p.
load examgrades
x = grades(:,1);
y = grades(:,2);
[h,p,ci,stats] = ttest2(x,y);
app.hEditField.Value = h;
app.pEditField.Value = p;
Because ci is a vector, you'd have to use a table.
app.UITable.Data = ci;
Because stats is a structure, you'd have to either use a text field for each of the 3 fields or a table.
app.tstatEditField.Value = stats.tstat;
app.dfEditField.Value = stats.df;
app.sdEditField.Value =;
app.UITable_2.Data = {stats.tstat,stats.df,};
Since you need a table anyway, why not consider putting all the data into a single table? Everything should be a single row, so something like this:
app.UITable_3.Data = {h,p,ci(1),ci(2),stats.tstat,stats.df,};

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