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hi everyone , i need help to make this , thank u

Asked by mina massoud on 7 Apr 2019
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i hava two matrix 2x8
what i need is to access on
1) on each column of matrix A so i need to get out a column vector 2x1 for 8 times to use it in a certain iteration
2) and then on each column of matrix B the same
all of this in the same iteration inside a loop
because if the two matrix are 1x8 it will be easy with two for i=1:8 and j=1:8 (in this case he gave me (1,1) and (1,2) ............ 1,8) then (2,1) ,(2,2) ................. (2,8)) but in this case i need to extract not an element but a column vector.
thank you


What do you mean ?, illustrate with an example
Example would be good. Plus explain what "access on" means. Do you simple mean
[rows, columns] = size(A);
for col = 1 : columns
thisColA = A(:, col) % Extract column from A.
thisColB = B(:, col) % Extract column from B.
% Now do something .....
clear all
for i=1:2
for j=1:8
i want to creat a matrix C 2x1 that the
1) first elementi is a matrix that contain A (2x8)
2) second element is a matrix that contain B(2x8)
thank u

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1 Answer

Answer by madhan ravi
on 7 Apr 2019
 Accepted Answer

No loops needed:
C=permute(reshape([A;B].',size(A,2),size(A,1),[]),[2,1,3]) % C(:,:,1) contains A and 2 B


If you want to use a loop then:
C = cell(m,1);
for ii=1:2
C{ii} = AB(ii*m-(m-1):ii*m,:);
% celldisp(C)
thank u very much
that what i need
u r the best
can i ask u another question
if i have two matrix and i want to chose the minimum value of each element from the two matrix so i want two make a comparisione for each element and take the smal value and put it in another matrix

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