different font sizes for y labels

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Hamid le 21 Avr 2019
Réponse apportée : Hamid le 21 Avr 2019
I want to have different font sizes for y-labels. for example in this simple plot, I want to have -2 and 2 in y-axis in font 16 and the rest in font 12:
x = -1:0.01:1;
y = 3*asin(x);
set(gca,'Ytick',[-4, -2, 0, 2, 4])

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 21 Avr 2019
set(gca, 'fontsize', 16) %the larger of the font sizes
set(gca, 'YTickLabels', {'\fontsize{12}{-4}', '-2', '\fontsize{12}{0}', '2', '\fontsize{12}{4}'})

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Hamid le 21 Avr 2019
Thank you very much!

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