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Multi-Scale Training Sizes syntax

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Felix Chen
Felix Chen on 7 May 2019
Answered: Kushagr Gupta on 8 May 2019
Does anyone know how to use 'detector = trainYOLOv2ObjectDetector(___,'MultiScaleTrainingSizes',trainingSizes)' this syntax? I tried it, and the matlab told me is not a vaild parameter. An example of this syntax would help me a lot.

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Kushagr Gupta
Kushagr Gupta on 8 May 2019
The following link mentions the type of data supported by 'MultiScaleTrainingSizes' Name-Value Pair argument.
In essence, it needs to be a Mx2 matrix, where each row of the matrix is of the form [height width].
Do keep in mind the note mentioned for this parameter. It says that the values specified using this syntax should be greater than or equal to the size mentioned using the image input layer.

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