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How can I integrate equations, with arrays? I seem to get 1x1 sym instead of numbers!

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Hello everyone, I am still a beginner in Matlab which is why I need some help with this. Up to the line calculating 'beta' I seem to be getting arrays with correct numbers, but after that, for 'Q', 'B' and 'C_n' I get "1x1 sym". How can I alter the code in order to get values for what I am trying to find?
A = pi*(0.01)^2;
p = 1/(A*0.4);
mass_shaft = 1;
rad_shaft = 0.01;
length_shaft = 0.4;
f = 'cos(x)*cosh(x)-1'; % function
r = [fzero(f,4.0) fzero(f,7.0) fzero(f,10.0) fzero(f,14.0)]; % roots
beta = r./length_shaft;
syms y
Q = (cos(beta.*y) + cosh(beta.*y) - ((cos(beta.*length_shaft) - ...
cosh(beta.*length_shaft))./(sin(beta.*length_shaft) - ...
sinh(beta.*length_shaft))).*(sin(beta.*y) + sinh(beta.*y)))^2;
B = int(Q,y,0,length_shaft);
C_n = (B.*A*p)^(-0.5);

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 8 May 2019
double() to get the results as decimal values

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