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Multistatic radar simulation in Phased Array Toolbox

Asked by Sruti Sivakumar on 20 Jun 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Sruti Sivakumar on 12 Oct 2019
I would like to know if I can model a multistatic scenario wherein 2 transmitters are transmitting and 3 receivers are receiving (say). Is there any means of visualizing the ray propagations of each of the transmitters and receivers to understand even better?

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Answer by Honglei Chen
on 20 Jun 2019
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Yes Phased Array System Toolbox can model such scene. You can see a bistatic polarimetric radar example at
As to the ray propagation, there isn't much available off the shelf. However you can consult with this spatial mutlplexing example to see how it's done in the example


1) Can the transmitters be non-co-located?
2) With respect to the examples given for the Radiator System Object, the antenna is isotropic but the radiator radiates in only one angle (azimuth and elevation) or a set of angles. Could you explain how this is possible?
3) When I tried to model with two transmitters at different locations, both acting as transmitters and receivers, the output looks in the way that the two transmitters are working independently of the other. Isnt the interference between them considered?
1) Yes
2) The antenna has its pattern defined in all directions. However, if we are talking about simulating the return, then we only simulate the directions where a target or a reflector is present.
3) Could you clarify? Do you have a sample code I can take a look? You should be able to simulate the interference. Do you mean that the receiver receives echo from both transmitters?
Can we model the clutter using this toolbox?

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