maximum and minimum axis distance of a segmented 3D vessel volume

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Hi all,
I have a volume in a ".stl" file. which has vertices and faces. The structure in the file is a segmented vessel. Most of the solutions on the community platform are provided for 2D (*.jpg) format files. I am reading my data with "stlread" command.
[v, f, n, c, stltitle] = stlread('filename');
After i have the informations ... v = vertices, f = faces, n=coordinate,c=colordata, unfortunately, I have no idea about how i can compute the maximum and minimum axis distance of the volume.
Can someone please help. I am not asking you to do the work, but i need some guidance in terms of how to go about it. I have never worked with "Vertices" and "Faces" before.
Your ideas and some short example code would be helpful.

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