If Statement Using Text in a Table

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Jay le 21 Juil 2019
Commenté : Walter Roberson le 23 Juil 2019
What commands can I use in the following if statement to specify blank element overwrite?
% Run throught the table of 10 rows
for i = 1:10
% The word "REMOVE" has been used in a previous condition subroutine to specify the row removal in this if statment
if strcmp("REMOVE",table1(i,1)) == 1
% Emptys rows
table1(i,:) = []
The subroutine is executed and the table rows are not being emptied when true

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi le 21 Juil 2019
T=table({'asdsa';'REMOVE'}); % example
T(idx,:) = [] % remove those rows
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Jay le 23 Juil 2019
Thank you for explaining what that command does Walter.
The explanations by the more advanced contributors help a lot more in understanding commands that exceed the simpler commands in the Matlab documentation.

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