Variable in title is appearing as random string characters.

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Joe Pashley
Joe Pashley le 4 Sep 2019
Running matlab R2019a
Im creating a mesh plot.
Here is my code for the title:
og_rows = 15360
og_cols = 1024
title(['Form Removed Data ',og_rows, 'x', og_cols])
This is following the matlab guidelines here:
This strangely results in this:

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Joe Pashley
Joe Pashley le 4 Sep 2019
To use the format matlab reccomends, you must remember to change the number into a string. So the code would be:
title(['Form Removed Data ',num2str(og_rows), 'x', num2str(og_cols)])

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 4 Sep 2019
title( sprintf('Form Removed Data %d x %d',og_rows, og_cols) )
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Joe Pashley
Joe Pashley le 4 Sep 2019
Modifié(e) : Joe Pashley le 4 Sep 2019
Hey, thanks for your help.
I actually spotted my own mistake, it must be input as a string and not a number. But thanks for your answer anyway.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord le 4 Sep 2019
Another option (instead of str2num or sprintf) is to use string operations.
og_rows = 15360;
og_cols = 1024;
title("Form Removed Data " + og_rows + " x " + og_cols)


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