How to find the item order number in List Box in App designer?

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I have a List box named "Numbers" that has the same 4 items, they all are the number 5. How can I pick the Item3 (The third in order) to change it to 3.
I used [~,idx] = ismember(app.NumbersListBox.Value,app.NumbersListBox.Items);
But I alwyas get to change the first on because the Value are the same.
How can I find inx using "Item number" instead of "Value" ?
Thank you so much
Faez Alkadi
Faez Alkadi on 22 Sep 2019
So whenever I add an Item, The ItemData length changs automatically.
and then whenever I pick an Item to change, I can find its index as
[~,idx] =ismember(app.NumbersListBox.Value,app.NumbersListBox.ItemsData);

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