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Question About BAT Algorithm Convergence

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djim djim
djim djim on 2 Oct 2019
Edited: djim djim on 27 Feb 2020
Hello, Every Body
Am studying evolutionnary algorithm convergence,
now am at the BAT algorithm .
I have tested the source code of this algorithm using the well-known 23 benchmarked functions , but in vain it seems that its convergence is very bad for all the functions.
After reading its related paper i have found that:
this algorithm is tested only on 5 functions.!!
* among these 5 functions there are only 3 functions among the 23 functions of which most metaheuristic algorithms are tested.
* It seems to me that BAT algorithm, as it is never converges, !! unless there is an error in the shared source code .
here is the download link:
I tried the two BAT codes, the two do not converge !!!!
any advice , any correction are highly appreciated


lin lin
lin lin on 24 Feb 2020
Hello, I'm also studying bat algorithm recently. I found the same problem with you. Do you know the reason
djim djim
djim djim on 27 Feb 2020
yes , after i studied so many algorithms !!
I know the reason !
This is what we call
"Scientific research fraud"
the algorithm has a very bad convergence rate , or also you can say : it never converge !!,
and so many researcher pretend that PSO is special case of Bat !!! ,
while, the reality it is the complete opposite.

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