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How can I delete a plot among many plot in one figure?

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tqy on 21 Sep 2012
Commented: Rik on 22 Jun 2020
Hi everyone,
I plot twice in one figure by using the hold on, but I find my 2nd plot is wrong. So I have to delete the 2nd plot, but I don't want delete the 1st one nor do I want to plot them again. Is there any methods?
Thanks a lot~~~


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Accepted Answer

Thomas on 21 Sep 2012
This thread might help (If you have plotted the two separately )
hold on
Or use the findobj to find the second plot and delete it.
doc finobj


Umair  Ahmed
Umair Ahmed on 22 Jun 2020
Is there a way to bring back a signal after deleting it? or if we can use plot/unplot all the signals in the plot by using something like a check mark?
Rik on 22 Jun 2020
(just to avoid a double thread with the same question, I replied in the other thread this was posted)

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Wayne King
Wayne King on 21 Sep 2012
Edited: Wayne King on 21 Sep 2012
Click "edit plot" -- the arrow next to the printer icon.
Then, click on the line you want to delete and then delete it.
Another way, is to click on the line you want to delete and then with that line selected.
>> h = gco;
>> delete(h)

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