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How to perform real-time simulation with Matlab script

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Shunsuke kishi
Shunsuke kishi le 8 Nov 2019
I understand that Simulink Desktop Real-Time is used when I want to perform real-time simulation in Simulink, but I can do real-time simulation if I am writing code in a Matlab script without using Simulink. Is it? Please tell us if you have the necessary options.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 8 Nov 2019
No, there is no provided way to do that.
The closest you can get is to use MATLAB Coder to compile to generic C or C++, and then build that code with the tool chain for a real time OS such as QNX.
The reason this is not the same is that Simulink Real Time does specific analysis and code arrangement and memory management to ensure that real time targets are met, but the output of MATLAB Coder makes no attempt to do those. It might be possible to modify the code for real-time work but it would not be ready for real-time as-is.
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Shunsuke kishi
Shunsuke kishi le 8 Nov 2019
Thank you for answering promptly. After all it is difficult.I'll try my best to use Simulink Desktop Real-Time.

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