Missing values using 'websave'

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Vamshi Krishna Gudipati
Vamshi Krishna Gudipati on 20 Nov 2019
I am using websave function to extract data from a website and write into a text file. However some of the numerical values are retrieved as 0.0 inspite of a non-zero value on the actual website. Below are screen shots of (1) text file with incorrect retrieved values (highlighted in yellow) (2) from the actual website.
Could someone please help?
Following is the code that I am using
options = weboptions('Timeout', Inf ,'ContentType', 'text');
url = 'https://earthquake.usgs.gov/nshmp-haz-ws/hazard/E2014B/WUS/-118/34/any/259';
HC = websave('Hazard_curve.txt', url ,options);
Text file screenshot
Webpage screenshot

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Kritika Bansal
Kritika Bansal on 17 Jan 2020
I tried running your code in MATLAB Online R2019b and it works fine. I am able to see the data correctly.
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Vamshi Krishna Gudipati
Vamshi Krishna Gudipati on 27 Jan 2020
Thanks for your answer. I was able to fix the above issue by restarting my computer.

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