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How to update values ​​in Simulink

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Shunsuke kishi
Shunsuke kishi le 18 Déc 2019
I am creating a simulation with Simulink. I originally wrote the code in MATLAB script, but it is necessary to block it, and it is blocked mainly using MATLAB function. I want to use the value calculated in the previous loop in the next loop. How should I do that? Here is a simple block. Specifically, a wants to take a value from "initial_value" in the first loop, but wants to update the value from "calculate" in the subsequent steps.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang le 18 Déc 2019
All you need is to declare "a" as a persistent variable.
doc persistent
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Shunsuke kishi
Shunsuke kishi le 19 Déc 2019
Sorry, I forgot to post the photo. I want to use "a" output by "calculate" in the next loop as shown in this photo. When written in code, it looks like this:無題111.png
a = 0;
a0 = 0.1;
a = a + a0;

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom le 29 Déc 2019
It would be easier to do this with basic simulink blocks. See attached screen shot. Unit delay block by default has initial value of a=0 but can be set to non-zero vaue.


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