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calling a function inside an app?

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Abdelrahman Taha
Abdelrahman Taha le 8 Jan 2020
I am trying to understand how to call a function inside an app. So, I've created a simple app to get the sum of two numbers (a,b), and c is their sum. There's a pushbutton in the app whose function is to run this created functon outside the app and assign the outcome to the variable "c". However when I run the app, I get this error:
Unable to resolve the name app.a.
Error in su (line 2)
c = app.a + app.b;
This is the app code
properties (Access = public)
a % Description
b % Description
% Callbacks that handle component events
methods (Access = private)
% Value changed function: aEditField
function aEditFieldValueChanged(app, event)
app.a = app.aEditField.Value;
% Value changed function: bEditField
function bEditFieldValueChanged(app, event)
app.b = app.bEditField.Value;
% Button pushed function: Button
function ButtonPushed(app, event)
app.cEditField.Value = c;
And this is the "su" function
function su
c = app.a + app.b;
Any help on why I get this error would be really appreciated.

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J. Alex Lee
J. Alex Lee le 8 Jan 2020
Functions need inputs and outputs, so you will need to define the function su as
function out = su(app)
out = app.a+app.b
and inside your app
function ButtonPushed(app, event)
c = su(app);
app.cEditField.Value = c;
Now, as to whether this structure for the app and function is a good structure, that's a separate question.
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Abdelrahman Taha
Abdelrahman Taha le 8 Jan 2020
Thanks for your help, it's working.

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