Best way to pull every other row from excel?

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chlor thanks
chlor thanks le 11 Mar 2020
Commenté : chlor thanks le 12 Mar 2020
I have a row of data in excel that goes something like this:
What is the best way to pull these information out into a text file as something like this?
Anna Brandon Calvin
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Thank you very much!

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre le 12 Mar 2020
The challenge here is you are mixing data types. I would recommend using a table with names in one variable and corresponding number in a second variable. Something like this could work.
data = readtable("ChlorThanks.xlsx","ReadVariableNames",false)
name = string(data.Var1(1:2:end));
val = str2double(data.Var1(2:2:end));
newData = table(name,val)
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chlor thanks
chlor thanks le 12 Mar 2020
Thank you! It has been a while since I used matlab and this is a great refresher for me to remember things again, really appreciate your help!

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