moving window chi square test for outlier removal

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nlm le 31 Mar 2020
Commenté : nlm le 1 Avr 2020
I'm trying to apply a chi-square test with a moving window 10 on a vector. I want ot replace the outliers with NaN within that window, if chi-sqaure >2*standard deviation. Any suggestions?
R(i) = abs( yy(i) - mean(yy) ) / std(yy);
% statistical test to find outliers
lamda = 2*sd(yy)
if R(i) > lambda
index = is(n-i+1:end);
index = [ index1 is(n-i+1) ];

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre le 31 Mar 2020
One thought would be to use the interactive task in live scripts to find, fill or remove outliers. It might not be sophisticated enough to fully do what you want, but it definitely can get you started. Once you have what you want, you can export it as code and further modify that to meet your needs.
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nlm le 1 Avr 2020
Thanks for the suggestion. However, It has limited options and does not have chi square test for outlier detection. Do you have any ideas for that ?

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