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Venkatkumar M
Venkatkumar M on 7 Apr 2020
Commented: Ilian on 7 Apr 2020
Hi guys,
I have trouble in removing first line in txt file, remove () , in txt file and split into three vectors.
fnm1 = 'p_s.txt ';
E = load(fnm1);
someone plese help me out?

Accepted Answer

Ilian on 7 Apr 2020
You could remove the header line first with something like this:
fileID = fopen('p_s.txt');
dataFormat = '%f %s';
C_text = textscan(fileID,dataFormat,'HeaderLines',1,'Delimiter','\t');
t = cell2mat(C_text(1));
And then use regexp to get the numerical values from the second column
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Ilian on 7 Apr 2020
There is for sure a better solution to this, but If you just want something that works, you can just add a few extra delimiters
fileID = fopen('p_s.txt');
dataFormat = '%f (%f %s %s %f %s';
C_text = textscan(fileID,dataFormat,'HeaderLines',1,'TreatAsEmpty',{'d'},'Delimiter','\tdB,)');
t1 = cell2mat(C_text(1));
t2 = cell2mat(C_text(2));
t3 = cell2mat(C_text(5));

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