Why does simscape block controlled reservoir (G) require T input to be Delta K instead of K?

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I keep getting the warning :
Output port 1 of 'Prereformer_SOFC/SOFC/From' sends a signal of unit '1', but input port 1 of 'Prereformer_SOFC/SOFC/Simulink-PS Converter' expects a signal of unit 'ΔK'. Units have different assigned physical quantities. Open the Model Advisor Report for more details.
Fistly: The unit is defined as 'K' and not as '1', as the warning sugests
secondly: The unit 'Delta K' doesn`t make sense for a reservoir
thirdly: The unit Delta K is not supported in the simulink_PS converter block
What am I doing wrong? Or could this be an error? It keeps messing with my entire model.
Hope you can help me out

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