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Function ‘helperBac​kScatterSi​gnals’ cannot be invoked

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Kangle Li
Kangle Li le 15 Avr 2020
Commenté : BaThanh Le le 6 Déc 2021
Hi, I try the example code in 'Pedestrain and Bicylist Classification using Deep Learning', but it gave error: 'helperBackScatterSignals' is used in Pedestrian and Bicyclist classification Using Deep Learning. Error in my_demo (line 4) [xPedRec,xBicRec,xCarRec,Tsamp] = helperBackScatterSignals(numPed,numBic,numCar);. And cannot see the source code of this function either. Is there any further information for this function? Thanks!
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Kangle Li
Kangle Li le 15 Avr 2020
already solved, thanks!
BaThanh Le
BaThanh Le le 6 Déc 2021
I also had the same problem. Please tell me how to solve it! Thank you

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