Fresnel diffraction at an angle

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Lucrezia Cester
Lucrezia Cester le 26 Avr 2020
I have written a code for Fresnel diffraction.
[M,N]=size(gaussian); %get input field array size
dx=L/M; %sample interval
lambda= 1/2
k=2*pi/lambda; %wavenumber
fx=-1/(2*dx):1/L:1/(2*dx)-1/L; %freq coords
u=fftshift(fft2(fftshift((gaussian.*exp(1j*(smooth_first_wall+pi*lambda*z*(FX.^2+FY.^2))))))); %THIS LINE PERFORMS THE 2D FT BETWEEN THE GAUSSIAN SHAPED BEAM AND THE SIMULATED WALL AND IT INCLUDES THE TRASNFER FUNCTION H, WHICH, AS STATED IN THE FORMULA IS : e^(jkz)*e[-i*pi*yz(fx^2+fy^2)]
However, this only includes the case the light and surface are perpendicualr to each other. How would I conder cases with different angles of incidence?

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Raunak Gupta
Raunak Gupta le 30 Avr 2020
I assume the above code is taken from Fresnel Propagation using the Transfer function File Exchange Submission. Since I didn’t find any resources to incorporate the cases of different incidence angle through my search, I would recommend posting the query directly to the submission page in comments and Ratings section so that original Author can help you out based on his/her domain knowledge.


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