What happaned to the figure toolbar in R2020a? (Part II)

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TurqoiseInt on 30 Apr 2020
There was an exact question with Matlab R2018b .. that was recently deleted --as Matlab has gone few update cycles since and answers were outdated some level. But the question is still same, I'm sorry Mathworks but I stlll find this old-new change annoying. It is still slow. It is harder to find than 'constant' toolbar. And it is top of the title.
Now, the old solution was put old pieces back:
set(groot,'defaultFigureCreateFcn',@(fig, ~)addToolbarExplorationButtons(fig))
The better would be also to delete a 'new' addon, is there a way?
And optimal would be to have home icon ("Restore view") to be added to the old bar...

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