Dynamic lookup with variable length vectors

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Andy le 7 Mai 2020
Commenté : Andy le 22 Mai 2020
I have been using the attached function successfully in real time models. As attached it runs nicely with a fixed time step integrator. Now have a need for the same functionality in a variable time step model. Is it possible at all?
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Andy le 22 Mai 2020
To me this is still an open issue, but for my immediate need I have a pretty robust alternative. Instead of using variable array height, I can stretch or shrink all arrays to a common height with code such as:
newXvec = linspace(inputBlock(1,1), inputBlock(end,1), inputLengthSpec)';
tempArg1 = interp1(inputBlock(:,1), inputBlock(:,2:end), newXvec, 'makima');
outputArg1 = [newXvec tempArg1];
Combined with pre- and post- processing to force monotinicity, it is works nicely with variable time step solvers.

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