Import Function is not supported

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WanYu on 11 May 2020
Commented: David Fink on 12 May 2020
I am converting my MATLAB code into C code using MATLAB Coder. However, this error popped out while I'm trying to convert it.
It said that the import statements below are not supported.
How am I supposed to modify the code? I need it for my project to run smoothly.
Thank you.

Answers (1)

David Fink
David Fink on 11 May 2020
import is used to bring names into scope.
Instead of:
import x.y.*
Please contact MathWorks Technical Support to formally express your interest in supporting import in a future release.
David Fink
David Fink on 12 May 2020
If generating a MEX file, MATLAB Coder can call into MATLAB (which can call Java) via coder.extrinsic.
If generating standalone C code, MATLAB Coder cannot call into MATLAB or Java.

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