Saving struct to excel

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Deepa Maheshvare
Deepa Maheshvare le 19 Mai 2020
Commenté : Geoff Hayes le 20 Mai 2020
I've a struct in the following form
Astruct =
struct with fields:
data1: [5001×16 double]
data2: [5001×16 double]
I'd like to save this to an excel with the data corresponding to each fieldname in separate sheets of the same excel file. The sheets names have to be slightly modified
i.e derived from fieldnames : data1_matlab, data2_matlab.
Any suggestions on how to do this will be really helpful

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes le 19 Mai 2020
Deepa - you can use fieldnames to return a cell array of the field names for your structure. You can then iterate over each name in this array to extract the data and write it to an Excel worksheet. Perhaps something like the following will work
excelFilename = 'someFile.xlsx';
structFieldnames = fieldnames(myStruct); % <--- where myStruct is your struct of data
for k = 1:length(structFieldnames)
fieldname = structFieldnames{k};
writematrix(myStruct.(fieldname), excelFilename, 'Sheet', sprintf('%s_matlab', fieldname));
Please note that I haven't tested the above. See writematrix for more details.
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Deepa Maheshvare
Deepa Maheshvare le 20 Mai 2020
Modifié(e) : Deepa Maheshvare le 20 Mai 2020
Is it possible to add column headers before writing to excel sheets?
For example ,
data1: [5001×16 double] % column header like this = ['col1', ..., 'col16']
I want to do this.
Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes le 20 Mai 2020
From writematrix name-value pair arguments, take a look at the Range should be able to use that to write your header and then write your data.

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