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An easy way to apply a transformation to many data points

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Matthew le 9 Nov 2012
Hello, I have a list of over 100 data points in the form:
BAM_186_Torque_8Nov_0656 BAM_186_Torque_8Nov_0657 BAM_186_Torque_8Nov_0658
I am current applying an RMS function to them using the following code:
RMS_BAM_186_Torque_8Nov_0656 = rms(BAM_186_Torque_8Nov_0656); RMS_BAM_186_Torque_8Nov_0657 = rms(BAM_186_Torque_8Nov_0657); RMS_BAM_186_Torque_8Nov_0658 = rms(BAM_186_Torque_8Nov_0658); RMS_BAM_186_Torque_8Nov_0659 = rms(BAM_186_Torque_8Nov_0659); RMS_BAM_186_Torque_8Nov_0700 = rms(BAM_186_Torque_8Nov_0700); RMS_BAM_186_Torque_8Nov_0701 = rms(BAM_186_Torque_8Nov_0701); RMS_BAM_186_Torque_8Nov_0702 = rms(BAM_186_Torque_8Nov_0702); RMS_BAM_186_Torque_8Nov_0703 = rms(BAM_186_Torque_8Nov_0703);
My question is, how could I put these into an iterative loop to clean up my code and make my programming easier?
Thank you!

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Matt J
Matt J le 9 Nov 2012
Modifié(e) : Matt J le 9 Nov 2012
Put your data points into the columns A(:,i) of a matrix instead. Then just do
for i=1:100


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