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'To workspace' loss of data

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DARSHAN N KANNUR le 9 Juin 2020
Commenté : Kai Huong le 5 Mai 2023
I have 765 inputs to the simulink and i have set simulation time to 765 but when I use 'To workspace' blocking I am getting array of only 51 output data in workspace. Help me out.
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Kai Huong
Kai Huong le 5 Mai 2023
You have to change your "Sample Time" to fit your data interval, do not keep the default (-1). You can read the examples in this link http://www.ece.northwestern.edu/local-apps/matlabhelp/toolbox/simulink/slref/toworkspace.html to be clear.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord le 9 Juin 2020
Is the "Limit data points to last" parameter described on this documentation page set to a smaller value than its default of Inf?


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