Matlab crashing when saving a workspace

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kk on 10 Jun 2020
I'm having an annoying problem. Matlab sometimes crashes when I'm saving the current workspace. This problem seems to happen when I have a cell array either of cfits, or of a structure containing cfits in my workspace. Sometimes the save is successful, and sometimes when the crash happens when Matlab is overwriting the cell array, the current workspace is partly rewritten with empty variables and the data are completely lost unless I've made a backup earlier. When the workspace saves successfully, it can be a bit larger, but I would not think that a 30MB file should cause problems. Can I be doing something wrong or is there any workaround except for not using the cell arrays? (I'm using Matlab 2015b, but I had the same problem also in an earlier version, I think 2014.)
Any advice is highly appreciated.

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