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Quesiton about transmitRe​peat(sdrTr​ansmit, data) and sdrTransmi​t.Repeat(t​xWavefrom)

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jarul on 19 Jun 2020
Commented: jarul on 24 Jun 2020
While working on SDR, I realize that earlier Matlab used transmitRepeat and now it is changed to sdrTransmit.Repeat method.
Now my question is: I have a waveform that is ready to be transmitted on the zynq SDR (radio) called 'time_wave_tx'. How do I transmit the waveform file on the radio and capture the waveform file on the receiver side.
I do not want to follow the method discussed in the following link:
802.11a Transmission and Reception Using Analog Devices AD9361/AD9364
The above methed splits the data based on MSDU length and so on. Then convert into waveform to transmit.
What kind of configuration is needed to transmit over the air?
Thanks and await your response.

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Neil MacEwen
Neil MacEwen on 23 Jun 2020
Hi Jarul,
The interface has not changed, it is still transmitRepeat. In the 802.11a example, the data to be sent is split into chunks so that a WLAN compatible waveform can be put together. txwaveform is actually the name of the signal that can be sent.
txWaveform = wlanWaveformGenerator(data,nonHTcfg, ...
'NumPackets',numMSDUs,'IdleTime',20e-6, ...
A more straightforward transmitRepeat example is the QPSK one.




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