I want to apply 1D CNN on sequence data, is there any provision for this additional layer in MATLAB?

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I have arounf 5000 wav files in input data, on this raw data i want to apply 1D CNN as first layer. Saw examples of 2 D CNN on spectrograms but didnt find anything like this. Do any one has any idea how to implement this.

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Divya Gaddipati
Divya Gaddipati le 23 Juil 2020
Currently 1D convolutional layers are not supported. As a potential workaround you can try using imageInputLayer.
To use imageInputLayer with 1D data you will need to structure your data in one of these two ways: [1 x T x C x N] or [T x 1 x C x N].
  • T is the sequence dimension
  • C is the channel or variable dimension
  • N is the observation dimension


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