calculate SPL-Third octave using poctave function

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zein on 24 Jun 2020
Commented: zein on 17 Mar 2021
I want to calculate the sound pressure level third ooctave using poctave function
I used poctave function to convert pressure data (p) (time,pressure) to 1/3 octave spectrum
[P3rd, cf] = poctave(p,fs,'FrequencyLimits',[df,fs/2],'BandsPerOctave',3);
In order to calculate the SPL-1/3 Octave (sploct)
sploct = 10*log10(P3rd/pref^2);
Is the equation for calculating SPL-1/3 octave is correct or not?
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Urmila Rajpurohith
Urmila Rajpurohith on 1 Jul 2020
The solution provided here (The question where you commented)solved your issue?

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Answers (2)

zein on 5 Mar 2021
Edited: zein on 5 Mar 2021
%using filtbank dunction (download it from lib.)
[splfiltb,fcfiltb] = filtbank(p,fs,[],'extended');
%using poctave fun
[P3rd, fc1] = poctave(p,fs,'FrequencyLimits',[3,fs/2],'BandsPerOctave',3);
= 10*log10(P3rd/pref^2);
I have used both these two methods (filtbank and poctave fun) and they showed the same resultsm check them

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ngoc quy hoang ngoc quy
ngoc quy hoang ngoc quy on 4 Mar 2021
do you have the answer? I am also interested in this question

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