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Memory Usage of Figure

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Sugar Daddy
Sugar Daddy le 26 Juin 2020
Commenté : Sugar Daddy le 1 Juil 2020
I have a figure containing 20 tabs where each tab contains 4 subplots with 2 line plots on each axes.
Now i want to find out the memory utilized by this figure?


When i save the figure, its size is only 1.77 MB but when i open it and start switching tabs, memory size start increasing and cosume approx. 2GB


Figure described above is attached

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 26 Juin 2020
No method is provided of figuring out how large an object is that is referred to by a graphics handle.
You can get an approximation by using struct() on the handle and checking the size of the struct. However, graphics handles often refer to other graphics objects, and it is not uncommon for graphics objects to indirectly refer to themselves, so you would need some code to recursively descend the object without loops, adding up the sizes as you go.
Such a tool is generally possible; I have had reason to chase through graphics trees myself. But it is a fair bit of work to get right, and Mathworks keeps updating the graphic object representation, so you have to keep updating the code with every new release.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 1 Juil 2020
In the testing I did, the physical memory size did not change much, but the virtual memory size went up. However, the size increase was not associated with visiting the "last" tabs (like 19 and 20), and instead was associated with the number of tabs that had been activated -- if you start at the end and go downwards to the first then the memory also goes up.
My interpretation would be that when you load the fig file, the graphics objects are created, but they are not rendered until they are activated, and that the rendering process consumes memory. The rendered versions are not removed from memory when you switch to a different tab, as you might want to switch back.
Sugar Daddy
Sugar Daddy le 1 Juil 2020
Thanks a lot Sir

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