Can I store the spectrogram matrix into a cell for each wav file, read by audioDatastore?

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for i = 1:numFiles
[x,~] = read(ads);
fs = 16000;
frameLength = round(frameDuration*fs);
hopLength = round(hopDuration*fs);
spec = melSpectrogram(x,fs, ...
'WindowLength',frameLength, ...
'OverlapLength',frameLength - hopLength, ...
'FFTLength',640, ...
'NumBands',numBands, ...
Actually I want to store all these spectrogram values for each wav files into cells (such that a cell X has 1X3000 dimention has 3000 cells of dimention 50X140 say )to follow this example and eventually each label into a matrix of 5X3000 ,such that each coloumn has single 1 and rest 0's.

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