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How to get a string with to be read as an existinf vector

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I am still vey new to MATLAB so perhaps my question might be very basic, please bare with me. I have n verctors Ref1, Ref2...,Refn. These are defined and exist in my workspace. I would like to run a loop that goes through each element of each vertor. This is done one vector at a time. The easiest way i thought of to refrence each vector was to use string "Ref" and then combine it with the number each time. So if 'Ref' is a sting and n is an interger i would say "Ref"+n and this displays correctly as Ref1. The trouble is, its reaading Ref1 as a string and not as the vector that is already defined. Is there a way for me to take this string and somehow convert it so that it reads the vector and not the string
for new = 1 : n;
Ref = "Ref"+new;

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