How to use lapack in matlb to solve large eigenvalue problem

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Xianjie le 6 Déc 2012
Dear all,
If the matrices K and M are so larger, the computation in matlab will take a long time. How ro solve this problem. Somebody tell me use lapack is ok? is there some tutorials for the use lapack in matlab. I only want to solve thie problem in lapack, and the eigenblued and bector will send back to matlb fot postprocessing.

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James Tursa
James Tursa le 6 Déc 2012
If you are well versed in the LAPACK functions and just need an interface, you can use this package from the FEX by Tim Toolan:
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Xianjie le 7 Déc 2012
yes. Now i only want to solve the large matrix eigenvalue probelm quickly. Thank you.

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Jan le 7 Déc 2012
Matlab calls optimized LAPACK already. It chooses a suiting routine already and handles exceptions efficiently. For large data most of the time is spent inside the LAPACK functions itself, therefore the overhead caused by Matlab is tiny to negligible. Only if you have a lot of experiences with LAPACK and your matrix has a very specific structure (e.g. a sparse block matrix with known distribution of zeros), using specific LAPACK calls to solve the subsystems will be faster. But such techniques are prone to errors and you have to prove the numerical stability at first.
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Xianjie le 10 Déc 2012
as your meaning the eig command is ok. need more efficient processor. But for the, how to use this one to solve eigenvalue problem? thanks

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