Apply a customized function to cell array

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Hello everyone,
I have a C = 10*200 cell array. Inside each cell I have an M*N matrix. There are some zero columns and rows in each matrix and I would like to remove all zero columns of each matrix. I'm using the following function to do that
function[X_without_zero_cols] = RemoveZeroColumnsInCSImatrix(X)
cols_with_all_zeros = all(X == 0);
X_without_zero_cols = X(:, ~cols_with_all_zeros);
then I would like to apply this function to each cell. How should I do that? The following code isn't working
X_without_zero_cols = cellfun(@(X) RemoveZeroColumnsInCSImatrix(X), C)
Any idea?

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 10 Jul 2020
D = cellfun(@RemoveZeroColumnsInCSImatrix, C, 'UniformOutput',false);

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