How do I convert binary strings from a text file to fixpoint numbers?

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Dominik Hiltbrunner
Dominik Hiltbrunner on 20 Jul 2020
Answered: Anmol Dhiman on 27 Jul 2020
I have a text file in which each row contains one 60-bit number representing a signed fixed point number with 44-bit fraction, i.e. a sfi(x,60,44) object.
I cannot find a method to convert this binary string back to a signed floating point object in Matlab.
x = '000000000000000100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000' corresponds to the decimal number '1' in my format.
sfi(bin2dec(x), 60, 40)
yields the wrong result.
How to do this correctly?
I found this solution but I cannot use the reinterpretcast function since the wordlength does not match with a int32 or int64 datatype.

Answers (1)

Anmol Dhiman
Anmol Dhiman on 27 Jul 2020
Hi Dominik,
Refer to link for solution to a similar question.
Anmol Dhiman

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