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How to create a table on matlab to export into Powerpoint

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Avishka G
Avishka G on 30 Jul 2020 at 10:39
Edited: Avishka G on 30 Jul 2020 at 11:03
I have all my data stored in handles but i want to create a table which would come onto my powerpoint, as the number of data points changes is there a way to loop it?
helpTableCell = cell(2,3);
helpTableCell{1,1} = '<s bg:red; color:white><i>handles.HolNum<\i><\s>';
helpTableCell{1,2} = 'Me is second';
helpTableCell{1,3} = ['<b><s color:orange>','Me is formula: ',texlabel('H(x)*psi(x)=E*psi(x)'),'<\s><\b>'];
helpTableCell{2,1} = '<s color:#5F9EA0; font-size:22; font-family:Aharoni>Me is fourth</s>';
helpTableCell{2,2} = 'Me is fifth';
helpTableCell{2,3} = 'Me is sixth';
% Second slide - auto rotate will be used
toPPT('setTable',{{'<b>Hole No.<\b>','<b>x [mm]<\b>','<b>y [mm]<\b>'},{helpTableCell}},'SlideNumber',2,'append','Width',400,'Height',150,'pos%',[20,35],'posAnker','W');
This was an example i found but is there a way i can automatically put my data into cells?


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