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Issues trying to make my FOC simulation work

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jefazo jefazo
jefazo jefazo on 2 Aug 2020
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
I am having issues with making my FOC simulation work (see above image and Matlab file) but I do not understand why I am getting the error message. I am using Matlab 2017b and my simulation is using a P gain of 15 and my I gain is of 7 in both PI controllers. I am trying to control torque by just having 1 loop (not interested in speed). I am also trying to use Space Vector Modulation to modulate the 3 phase voltages before they get into the motor.
I would like to an RS BLDC to model both my simulations but when trying to write down the parameters (see datasheet above). I only know the line to line resistance (but not phase resistance), line to line inductance (but not armature inductance) and the No. Of poles (4). I don´t know the permanent magnet flux, initial dq current and even less the mechanical parameters… and this is the same for other PMSM motors online. Hence, what should I include ?
Thanks in advance

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