Why am I getting a green screen while previewing an object made using videoinput but it works when previewing an object using webcam function?

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I am trying to capture a video from a logitech HD pro webcam C920. When I preview the camera after creating an object called cam, it works prefectly:
cam = webcam(1)
% image comes up, works as it should
But when I create an object using the 'videoinput' command, previewing that object just returns a green screen:
vobj = videoinput('winvideo', '1')
% no image except a green screen with a band of white noise at the top
I am using Matlab 2018a (it is the latest version compatible with some NI devices I am using)
Thank you.

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Anshika Chaurasia
Anshika Chaurasia le 3 Mar 2021
Hi Kosta,
Refer to following discussion which is related to the similar issues as mentioned by you:

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